Proof of Identity (Any One)

You Should Have Any One of The Following Documents as A Proof of Identity for PAN Application:

  • AADHAAR Card (In Copy)
  • Arms Card (In Copy)
  • Driving License (In Copy)
  • Passport (In Copy)
  • Pensioner Card having a photograph of Applicant (In Copy)
  • Photo ID card issued by Central Govt or State Govt or a Public Sector Undertaking (In Copy)
  • Ration Card having a photograph of the applicant. (In Copy)
  • Voters ID card (In Copy)


Proofs having initials in Name and not having applicant's Complete Name are not acceptable except Voter ID Card. A driving license is accepted only when the short form is there in the Middle Name.

Representative Assessee (RA) of Minor is mandatory and should be Father/Mother only. RA is required to sign on all places on the form wherever applicable for Minors and Others filing the RA.