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It is important to surrender your PAN card if you have more than one because: Here are some common reasons why people may end up with more than one PAN card: If you find yourself with more than one PAN card, you should surrender the additional PAN cards as soon as possible. You can do […]

Yes, you can download a soft copy of your PAN card in PDF format from the official website of the Income Tax Department of India. This facility is available for PAN holders whose PAN applications were processed through Protean e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (formerly NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited). To download your e-PAN card, follow these steps: […]

## PAN card application for a foreign student: A story of Sona Sona is a foreign student who wants to apply for a PAN card. She was over 18 years old and her passport name was Sona Sekar. However, her Aadhaar name was only Sona. Her father wanted her name on the PAN card to […]

Vignesh had two PAN card numbers. He wanted to surrender one of them, so he went to the income tax office. They gave him a PAN surrender request form, which he completed and submitted. They said it would take 15 days and he would receive an acknowledgement. After 15 days, the PAN card was still […]

There are a few possible reasons why you might have two PAN cards with the same name but different numbers: If you have two PAN cards, it is important to surrender the extra one as soon as possible. It is illegal to have more than one PAN card, and you may be penalized if you […]

It is not possible to track a home/personal address using a PAN card or a mobile number without the consent of the person whose address you are trying to track. PAN cards contain the address of the person to whom they are issued, but this information is not publicly available. To access someone’s PAN card […]

To apply for a new PAN card in India when your old PAN is lost and you don’t have any other document except the Aadhaar number, you can follow these steps: Once you have submitted your application, PANCARDAPPLYONLINE.COM will verify your Aadhaar details with the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Once your details are […]

Yes, it is possible to relink an Aadhaar to a PAN card. However, there are a few things to keep in mind: To relink your Aadhaar to a PAN card, you can follow these steps: You can also relink your Aadhaar to a PAN card offline by visiting your jurisdictional Assessing Officer (JAO). To find […]

There are different types of PAN cards available in India, depending on the type of entity that is applying for it. The following are the different types of PAN cards: The type of PAN card that you need will depend on your specific situation. If you are unsure which type of PAN card to apply […]

No, you cannot know the PAN card number by a mobile number. The PAN card number is a confidential document and cannot be shared with anyone without the consent of the PAN card holder. However, you can know your PAN card number by your name and date of birth. To do this, you can visit […]

It generally takes 15-20 days for a PAN card to arrive after applying, depending on the method of application and the location of the applicant. If you apply for a PAN card online, the processing time is generally faster. You can expect to receive your PAN card within 15 days of submitting your application. However, […]

How do I know that my Aadhar number is attached with my PAN card? There are two ways to check if your Aadhaar number is attached with your PAN card: Online: If your PAN and Aadhaar are linked, the status will be shown as “Linked”. If they are not linked, the status will be shown […]