How to fill out NRI PAN Card Application form 49AA

An NRI PAN Card is a PAN Application Form 49AA for NRIs, foreigners, and individuals who are not citizens of India or entities incorporated outside India.

Applicant Name

Please choose an appropriate title. Mr, Mrs, and Miss, M/s

My name is Mohan Raj Siv

1. Full Name (Full expanded name mentioned as appearing in proof of identity/address documents: initials are not permitted)*
Last Name/Surname: Siv

First Name: Mohan

Middle Name: Raj

Make sure which is match with Document, instance in the aadhaar your name is Mohan Raj Siv/Mohan Raj S/ Mohan R S

In this order, your name in Proof can expand like that. If your name is printed in the document only, Mohan, then you have to write the same in your surname.

In your proof, your name is Mohan, but you want the name Mohan Raj S. Then you should correct the proof accordingly before applying for PAN
2. Above name, as you would like it, to be printed on the PAN card *
Mohan Raj S or Mohan Raj Siv Or Mohan

How you want you can add it here

Father Name

Father’s Name(Mandatory – Even married woman should fill in the father’s name only) *
Like the applicant, the name needs to fill the father’s name as well. In case the father has only one name then please write the same in surname/last name


Date of Birth / Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/Formation of Body of Individuals/Association of Persons *

It should be written in DDMMYYYY format only. as per the proof


Pan card delivery address is to be filled as per the document only

In the case of delivery to a foreign address that is out of India the govt charges 1020

In the case, PAN to be delivered within India 107 will be the charges

You are applying via Pancard Applying online, additional consultancy charges will be collected. We will take the entire responsibility and till receive your PAN we will follow up and get it for you

Phone Number
Mobile Numbers should be filled mandatorily

Email ID
An email ID is a must. You will receive an epancard e-mail with the given email ID. If you want to save the extra fees for foreign delivery, you can avail of the option of paying 72.

Immaterial domestic or foreign delivery charges will be 72 only for epan