How to Apply for NRI Pan Card as a Foreign Citizen Form 49AA?

A permanent Account Number (PAN) is a unique 10-digit recognition number given to every taxpayer under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). This alphanumeric number is allotted by the Income Tax department and also acts as identification proof

Who can opt for NRI PAN form 49AA? Foreigner and OCI Cardholder or NRI who does not have an Aadhaar card or number.

In case one has an Aadhaar card then one can apply for New PAN Card in form 49A. After 1st July 2017 one can not apply for PAN Card without an Aadhaar.

Difference between an NRI PAN Card and a Normal PAN card

  • The main difference in the NRI PAN Card Application is form 49AA whereas in the Normal PAN Applicant has to use form 49A
  • Aadhaar is not mandatory for NRI PAN Application but Aadhaar is mandatory for form 49A applicants. However no form of classification in the Correction of Mistakes in PAN card (CSF Form)
  • Fees for processing PAN applications shall depend on the communication address provided by the applicant. The PAN processing fee is Rs 107 if the communication address is within India, and Rs 994 (Application fees +dispatch charges) if the communication address is outside India.

Why Do NRIs Need a PAN card?

A citizen of another country would require a PAN card in the following scenarios:

● When a resident of another country earns an amount that can be deducted for tax.

● When the NRI wants to invest in mutual funds or share trades in India.

● If the NRI wants to purchase an Indian property.

Documents required while applying for a PAN card as an NRI:

Identification Proof

Identification proof is essential to verify the foreigner’s identity. The following are taken into consideration as ID proof for foreigners while applying for PAN;

● A copy of that NRI’s passport

● Foreigner Passport (if t

● Copy of foreign citizenship card issued by the GOI.

Address Proof

Address proof helps in the validation of the living place of the foreigner while applying for PAN. An original proof is not needed, a copy of the documents would suffice. The following can act as proof of address;

● A Copy of the NRI’s passport

● Indian Origin Card issued by the Government of India to the NRI.

● Foreign Citizenship of India card issued by the Indian Government.

● A copy of the bank statement in the resident country of the NRI.

● Visa granted by the Indian Government.

● Foreigner’s external bank statement in India.

Application Process in Online mode:

● Visit Pan Car Apply Online Website.

● Start applying online by selecting the NRI PAN Card for those of foreign origin.

● Fill out the form on the page, after filling in the required details submit and pay

● You would be required to send the proof documents along with the application which should have the signature and applicant photo to the redirected webpage, which includes the PAN application form for NRIs.

● After the process we will send you, a 15-digit number for acknowledgement would be received by you for NSDL Applicant. UTI Applicants will receive 10 digit coupon number. This can help track the application status of your PAN.

Application Process in Offline mode:

● You can receive an application form for PAN at a Tax Information Network near you

● You would be required to fill in the form and attach the essential identity proofs.

● Pay the allocated fee for the PAN card through a demand draft to receive an acknowledgement slip.

● This acknowledgement slip can help you check your application status on your applied PAN card.

The NRI need not be physically present to apply for a PAN card. You cannot apply for a PAN card more than once. Check all the essentials and eligibility before applying for one!