PAN Application Form 49AA For NRI/Foreigner/Individuals not being a Citizen of India/Entities incorporated outside India

Applicant Name
i Initials are not permitted in first and last name. Applicant's proof of identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth should contain the exact name mentioned in this field

Name printed on the PAN card
i Prefix like Shri, Smt, Kumari, Dr, CA, Ms, Mr, Mrs, M/s, Alias etc. are not allowed

Date of Birth

Father's Name

Parents name to be printed on the PAN card
i Select the name of either father or mother which you may like to be printed on PAN card (Select one only)

Mobile Number & Email ID details

Country of citizenship/ISD code of country of citizenship

Communication Address

Source of Income

Marital Status

Occupation details

Documents (I/We have enclosed)

As proof of identity,

As proof of address

Please Note That Pan Applicant Photo And Sign Will Be Issued In The Pan Card, Hence The Copy Of Signed Pan Application along with the Documents of the Applicant Is Mandatory to Process PAN.